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Pontus Pharma

We strive to provide everyone with innovative health care!

Pontus Pharma d.o.o. is a newly founded Croatian pharmaceutical company. The founder and director is Mr Igor Haralovic, an expert with long-term professional experience in managing people and developing business in the pharmaceutical industry.

Headquatered in Croatia, Pontus Pharma has four subsidiaries in the region (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Northern Macedonia, Kosovo), as well as the possibility of doing business in all seven countries of Southeast Europe.

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Exclusive distributor

Pontus Pharma is the exclusive distributor of products of pharmaceutical companies that are not present in certain markets. In addition to distribution, Pontus Pharma has its own product portfolio with a focus on the following fields of medicine: gastroenterology, dermatology, ophthalmology and hospital drugs. In its business, Pontus Pharma addresses to patients, doctors, pharmacies and partners.

A high level of expertise, dedication, motivation, as well as an innovative view of business, guarantee the growth and development of Pontus Pharma, both in market presence and portfolio growth, as well as the number of highly motivated and ambitious employees.

Pontus Pharma Mission and Vision

To provide high quality pharmaceutical and other products that work effectively to preserve the health of end users and make them available to all who need them in the markets of Southeast Europe.
We want to bridge the gap in healthcare standards in Southeast Europe in relation to more developed markets and become a reliable partner to pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, wholesalers, healthcare professionals and patients.

To become a respected player in the pharmaceutical industry in Southeast Europe and a desirable partner in the industry of development and production of drugs in the markets of Southeast Europe.
To work on the development and production of our own value-added products for placement on worldwide markets.

Pontus Pharma Team

Pontus Pharma team consists of highly motivated professionals with many years of experience in the industry.

We are your partners and the first contact in the joint mission of providing appropriate, timely and quality healthcare of each individual. Although currently small, our team is efficient and at your disposal 24/7.

Our key people:

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Igor Haralović, founder and CEO

Igor Haralovic has gained twenty years of experience in management positions in two leading companies on the market (Pliva d.o.o., Sandoz d.o.o.).

Contact: igor.haralovic@pontus-pharma.com

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Igor Stancevic, CFO

Igor Stancevic is an experienced professional in the field of finance. After being educated in the USA, he gained experience in the United States and throughout Europe.

Contact: igor.stancevic@pontus-pharma.com

Pontus Pharma Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are aware that the success of our business depends not only on understanding the needs of the market, but also on the way we do business and operate in the community. That is why our business is based on the highest level of ethics and integrity.

We use natural resources with a minimum impact on the environment, constantly thinking about ways of doing business that will have a positive effect on everyone involved.